Campaign settings

In the Campaign settings, you can choose your email account, sending delays and limits, email tracking options, etc.

We set default optimal settings when you create a campaign (but you should still choose a target email sending account) option. option. Of course, you can always change them as you see fit.

Email campaign settings

Campaign name — your campaign name. This name is not visible to your leads and is used only for internal purposes.

Email account — email account used for sending email in this campaign. Each campaign can only have one email account (but one email account can be used for many campaigns).

Max emails per day — maximum emails sent per day limit. Please note that we also have a MaxEmailsPerDay option in your email account settings (so we'll use the smaller value of the two as the daily limit).

Delay between sending emails — use this option to increase your email deliverability. Usually, emails sent without any delays can be considered by mail servers as 'bulk' emails, so the final delivery rates might be pretty low. On the other hand, emails sent with reasonable delays will be considered as 'native' emails and will give you a higher delivery rates.

Handling replies — mark leads as 'Finished' once they answer. Turn on this option to stop sending the next step emails to a lead who has already answered you (usually used in cold/sales email campaigns sent to prospects).

Enable open tracking — track email opening events. When active, we add an invisible tracking link in your email to see if your lead opened your message. Turning off this option can slightly increase your delivery rates (but you'll lose a useful part of your campaign statistics).

Enable links tracking — track link clicks in your emails. Turning off this option can increase your delivery rates and make your emails feel more personal.

Email signature — we'll add this email signature to the footer of each email you send. Leave this area blank if you want to add signatures manually (in each of your steps) or you don't want the have them at all.

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