How to add another email address to your existing Gmail account

Sometimes users need to have more than one email account from which they can send messages. Here is instruction for those who need to receive (and optionally send) messages on Gmail account from several emails

  1. Firstly, you need to open your Gmail account settings (a gear-wheel icon in the right-top corner).
    Gmail settings
  2. Now choose the Settings option.
  3. Look at the top and choose Accounts and Import.
  4. Find the Send email as option and choose Add another email address.
    Gmail - add email button
  5. After the fourth step, a pop-up page will be displayed. You need to enter the name that will be shown to your mail receivers and an email address. Pay attention to a Treat as an aliascheck-box - if you don’t make it checked, then incoming mails from the linked email won’t be received and displayed in your Gmail account.
    Moreover, there is an option called Reply-to - here you can choose an email where messages will be received (if you want it to be the linking one, then you don’t need to change here anything).
    Gmail - add another email address button
  6. Press the Next step button.
  7. The next pop-up page is dedicated to linking email settings. Gmail usually fills all the spaces automatically and users need only to enter the password. However, if the SSL/TLS, SMTP Server and Port fields are not filled automatically, you need to fill it by yourself (follow the instructions of your linking email provider).
    Gmail - add another email address step 2
  8. Press the Add Account button.
  9. After the eighth step, Gmail will automatically send a verification code to the linking email. Fill it in a required field and press the Verify button. It is recommended to copy your verification code from the received email and paste it into the field instead of hand input in order to avoid any mistakes.
    Gmail - email verification
  10. If you entered the verification code correctly, Gmail will update the page and you will see your linked email in the field Send message as.
  11. The process of email linking is ended. Now you can create a new message in Gmail and choose any of your emails that you have linked from the From dropdown.
    Gmail - email linked

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