Email accounts in Hotter

Hotter uses your external email accounts to send all outbound emails.

Hotter was designed as a modern tool to create highly effective and transparent email campaigns. To guarantee industry-winning high delivery and open rates, we use your own email accounts for all outbound emails. That's why all emails sent with Hotter look personal and custom not only for your leads, but also for mail servers. Such emails usually bypass all spam filters and goes directly to the lead's Inbox folder.

You can use two types of email accounts:

  1. Gmail/Gsuite/GApps account (recommended)
  2. Any external SMTP/IMAP mail server.

To manage your email accounts, go to SettingsEmail accounts section.

Click Add an email account to add a new account or Edit to edit an existing one.

Email campaign - email accounts

If you're creating a new account, you will be prompted for the account type (Gmail/Gsuite-based or custom). We recommend using Gmail (it usually has better delivery rates), but you can also use your own mail server.

Email campaign - email accounts

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  2. Using custom email accounts

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