How to cc in Gmail

The CC (carbon copy) field is an optional email field. It is used to send a copy of your email to any other mentioned email (or emails).

What is the difference between the To and CC fields, you ask? After all, you can enter multiple addresses in both the To and CC fields. The difference is only in semantics. The To field contains the emails of those to whom this email is directly addressed. While recipients whose emails are contained in the CC field receive this email more for notification/review purposes, it may not apply to them at all.

  1. You can create a new email by pressing the Compose button in the Gmail interface.
    gmail compose button
  2. Click on the Recipients field.
    gmail recipients input
  3. As soon as you go to the Recipients field, two buttons will appear on the right: Cc and Bcc. Click on the CC button.
    gmail cc button
  4. Add the address to the CC field.
    gmail cc / bcc /to fields
    In To, Cc, Bcc fields, you can write several emails divided with space or a comma.

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