Marking multiple emails as read in Gmail

When you open an email, it automatically marks as ‘read’. But you can also mark-as-read a batch of emails in all (or chosen) folders - just in a few clicks!

  1. Type is:unread in the Search mail search box and press Enter.
    Gmail - is:unread filter
  2. You will find a list of all unread emails divided into pages. Highlight all messages on the page by clicking the Select checkbox.
    Gmail - choosing a batch of unread emails
  3. The "All 50 conversations on this page are selected" text will appear above the list of emails. You should also see the Select all conversations that match this search button. Click it.
    Gmail - select all conversations
  4. Click the More button (looks like three vertical points/dots).
  5. A new Mark as read option will appear. Click it.
    Gmail - mark-as-read option

Here we go! All messages are marked as read now.

If you want to mark as read only the emails from the Inbox folder (and skip other folders), type label:inbox is:unread instead of is:unread in the search box (as described in step 1 of this manual).

Using this approach, you can not only mark emails as read, but also perform any actions shown in the last screenshot (Mark as unread, as important, as not important, add star, remove star, etc.).

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