Selecting all emails in Gmail

  1. Go to the required folder (e.g. Inbox).
  2. Click on the down arrow at the top Select checkbox.
  3. Click the All button.
    Gmail - select all button
  4. Above the email list, you will see All 50 conversations on this page are selected. (the number of emails may not be the same, it is not important), and next to it, the button Select all 79 conversations in Primary (you will have a different number of messages). Click this button.
    Gmail - select all conversations button
    In this way, you will highlight all the emails with the Inbox label, not just the first page. Instead of the Select all ... button, you will see All conversations in Primary are selected.

But if you want to select all incoming emails at all (not just from Inbox), then in the list of labels on the left, go to All Mail.
Gmail - All mail label
Next, do all the above items.
The All Mail label includes all incoming mail except those in the Spam and Trash folders.

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