A right way to send a calendar invite in Gmail

  1. Click the Google apps button.
  2. In the application list, find the Google Calendar icon and click it.
    Gmail - Calendar button
  3. In the calendar, select the desired date and time, then click on the chosen field.
  4. In the window of quick event creation, click More options. In this way, we will see more settings of the event being created, including the settings of guest rights.
    Google Calendar - 'More options' button
  5. On the right side of the menu, check the Guests section. Here you can add guests from your contact sheet or write an email.
  6. In the Guest permissions section below, select the required permissions for your guests.
    Google Calendar - guest settings
  7. Set up other event settings such as Title, location, description, and others.
  8. Press the Save button from above.
  9. In the guest invitation confirmation window, click Send.
    Google Calendar - invitation

Event created and invitations sent to all participants!

To add participants to the event, go to the event editing area by double-clicking on it. Add new participants to the Add guests field in the same way as described above (in the event creation menu).

Once the guest confirms participation, you will see a green checkmark next to his icon on the event page.
Google Calendar - invite confirmed

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