Lead basics

A Lead is your prospect (potential customer, whom you send your email campaigns).

In short — a lead is your email recipient. When you use Hotter, your goal is to get a required action from your lead (buy your product, subscribe to your service/SAAS, inquire about your vacancy, etc.).

Email campaign leads

Leads can have different statuses and different sets of text fields.

Using Lead Fields, you can automatically customize your emails and make them feel native and personal — increasing reply rates and selling more. Lead Fields can be standard or custom.

Your can add fields to the required campaign manually or via .csv import. Use .csv import if you have a big number of leads, especially with custom fields.

Each of your leads can be included only in one email campaign. You will not be able to send any emails to a lead until it is included in your campaign.

Each of your leads can also be included on one or many lead lists. Lead lists are a method to easily sort leads by groups (think of lists as folders). Unlike in a campaign, it's not necessary to include a lead on any lists.

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