Adding a new email lead

You can add a new lead from the Lead List OR directly from the Campaign

To add a new lead, go to lead list and click the Add a new lead button.

You can also add a new lead directly from the email campaign. Open the campaign from the campaign list, go to the Leads tab and click the Add a new lead button.

The only required lead parameter that cannot be empty is an email. All other fields are optional (we strongly recommend using some of them to create more effective campaigns).

The email campaign campaign is the most important lead parameter. You will not be able to send any emails to a lead until it is included in the campaign.

You can also include your new lead in one of your existing lead lists. Lead Lists are a simple method to sort your leads. Each list can be thought of as a folder with leads. The only difference from a classic folder is that each lead can be included in many lists. It's not necessary to include leads in lists to run your campaigns, but using lists can simplify your work with Hotter.

Email campaign lead statuses

List of predefined lead fields:

Email — a required field.

FirstName — Lead's first name.

LastName — Lead's last name.

CompanyName — Lead's company name.

Title — Lead's title (position in company)

Phone — Lead's phone number.

Website — Lead's company website URL.

Country — Lead's country.

State — Lead's state.

City — Lead's city.

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