Lead fields

Lead Fields are text data that can be used in emails to make them feel more personal

When you use Lead Fields inside your email steps, those fields will be automatically replaced by its actual values from the lead's card.

For example:

  1. Hello, {FirstName} will be changed to Hello, John
  2. We are a good fit for {CompanyName} will be changed to We are a good fit for Serenity LLC.
  3. As a {Title} in {CompanyName}... will be changed to As a Director in Serenity LLC....

Use Lead Fields to create more personal emails and get much higher delivery and conversion rates.

There are 2 types of fields: predefined and custom. Predefined fields (email, CompanyName, Website, etc.) always exist in any lead. Custom fields are the fields that you can create yourself, depending on your specific needs (example: AlexaRating, CompetitorType, SourceOfLead, etc.).

The only required field that cannot be empty while creating a lead is an email. All other fields are optional (still we strongly recommend using some of them to create more effective campaigns).

To check the actual list of existing fields, just open any lead from the lead list.

To create a new custom field, open the SettingsLead custom fields section. Give a name to the new field (should not contain spaces or any special symbols) and press the Create button. Now, open any of your leads again and find the new custom field on the right side of the lead card.

Email campaign lead statuses

List of predefined fields:

Email — a required field.

FirstName — Lead's first name.

LastName — Lead's last name.

CompanyName — Lead's company name.

Title — Lead's title (position in company)

Phone — Lead's phone number.

Website — Lead's company website URL.

Country — Lead's country.

State — Lead's state.

City — Lead's city.

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