Adding a new email leads via .csv file

You can add a new leads in bulk by importing a .csv file

To add a new lead, go to lead list and click the Import leads from .csv button.
Now click Analyze. Do not worry, we'll not import leads on this step!

Email campaign lead import

Now, our system analyzes your .csv file. If something went wrong (missing required fields, incorrect file format, etc.), you'll get an error message, and the import process will stop.

If everything is fine, you will see the next screen, with the list of the predefined fields found in your file. Turn off the appropriate checkboxes if you do not want to import some of them.

When we find any non-standard fields in your file, we ask you if you want to create custom fields for them. Just select the required fields using checkboxes. All unselected fields will be skipped during the importing process.

You can also automatically include all of your imported leads on one of existing lead lists.

Does everything look fine? Then click the Import button!

Email campaign lead import

Once the import is finished, you'll find the resulting numbers - how many leads already existed in your database (they were simply skipped during the import process) and how many new leads were added. Now, press the Close button and check your lead list for your newly added leads!

Email campaign lead import

Now, let's go back to your .csv file format. The first row of your .csv file should contain column headers (email, LastName, Website, etc.). The only required column is email — all other columns are optional.
All columns that are not predefined (check the list of predefined fields below) will be considered custom fields — you will be able to import or skip such columns during the import process.

List of predefined lead fields:

Email — a required field.

FirstName — Lead's first name.

LastName — Lead's last name.

CompanyName — Lead's company name.

Title — Lead's title (position in company)

Phone — Lead's phone number.

Website — Lead's company website URL.

Country — Lead's country.

State — Lead's state.

City — Lead's city.

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