Personal communication that scales perfectly

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It often takes up to 9 follow-ups to get an answer to your cold email

Hotter makes your life easier by automating that flow

Outbound sales

Scale sales outreach to the levels unachievable by humans alone

Inbound sales

Automate lead follow-up to close more deals, faster

PR & Link-building

Reach out to reporters, bloggers, and opinion leaders to promote content

Hotter emails land in the recipient’s inbox just as ones composed and sent by yourself

  • Up to 90% open rate, up to 60% response rate
    Personal outreach can do wonders. Get ready to process replies!
  • Bypasses spam filters
    Hotter sends emails through your Gmail account or a custom mail server to make sure prospects see them in their primary inbox.
  • Automatic follow-ups
    Forget about manual reply tracking, follow-ups and lead nurturing. Hotter automates that keeping your email sequence 100% personal.

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