How to delete all unread emails in Gmail in a bundle

Nowadays, so many advertising messages come to email boxes that sometimes you want to delete them in a bundle.

  1. Type is:unread in the Gmail search box, this will open a list of unread messages.
  2. Press the Search button on the left (magnifying glass icon) or the Enter button on your keyboard.
    Gmail - pressing the ‘More’ button
  3. Press the down arrow on the Select button.
  4. Press the All button. This will highlight all messages on the current page.
    gmail - show all unread emails
  5. Once all the messages are highlighted, the Select all conversations that match this search button will appear above the list, press it.
  6. Press the Delete button in the activity panel
    gmail - bundle delete
  7. In the pop-up window, confirm the deletion by clicking the OK button.
    gmail - confirm bulk action button

Here we go! You deleted all unread messages. In the same way, you can highlight all messages to mark them as read, not important, assign or remove a label, etc.

Once you have deleted a message, it will be moved to your shopping cart. They will be automatically deleted from your shopping cart after 30 days. But if you want to delete all messages from your Trash Bin right now:

  1. Go to your Trash Bin.
  2. Click on the Empty Bin now button.
    gmail - empty bin now button
  3. Click OK in the confirmation panel.

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