Ways to forward multiple emails in your Gmail

Forward as attachment

By default, Gmail allows you to forward multiple emails as attachments. This method is simple and great for those who believe that the recipient is also using Gmail or another mail system that can correctly display .eml files. Otherwise, forwarded EML files of messages are more likely to be read as text. When opening them, the user will see not only the text of the email but also a lot of system information that is entirely incomprehensible to the average user.

  1. Select several emails by checking the boxes on the left.
    Gmail - tick emails
  2. Click the More button (three vertical points).
  3. Click the Forward as attachment button.
    Gmail - 'Forward as attachment' button
Using the Google Chrome extensions.

For the automated forward of a pack of emails, you can also use third-party browser extensions.

Extensions such as Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ extend the Gmail interface and allow you to forward emails with flexible forward settings (each emails is sent separately, the text of all emails is merged into one, one emails with EML attachments, one emails with PDF attachments, etc.).
Gmail - forward extension

The disadvantage of these extensions is that they ask for permission to send, read, and edit your Gmail account. This is necessary in order to automatically take information about the emails you are about to send.

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